Mößbauer Technology Center

Imaging & Detectors

Key instruments in high-resolution optical and scanning probe microscopy and MicroCT & X-ray phase contrasting imaging as well as laboratories for optical & X-ray scattering and for the development & construction of fast particle detectors. More

Extreme conditions

Key instruments for ultra-low temperature and attosecond-science as well as testing infrastructure under ultra-low field, ultra-low radiation and ultra-low temperature conditions. More

Material Characterization & Preparation

Key instruments to facilitate solid state growth as well as infrastructure for single crystal growth & substrates, atomic level control & nanostructuring and protein expression & characterization. More 

General infrastructure: IT & Mechanical Workshop

IT, Mechanical workshop, Electronics and Cryo- and Vaccum technology. More

With the Mößbauer Technology Center, the following key objectives and measures are targeted:

  1. Bundling of technological infrastructures of the physics department in a professionally organized and staffed TUM Technology Core Facility.
  2. Sustainable securing of modern technical equipment in the Physics Department to meet complex scientific challenges of TUM in an interdisciplinary way.
  3. Support tenure-track professorships and young scientists by simply granting access to the physical-technical infrastructure of TUM.
  4. Ensuring knowledge transfer, operation and access to the MTC infrastructure for users from a wide variety of specialist areas by specialist staff of the Core Facility in order to effectively make a modern equipment infrastructure and technical innovations available to a wide group of users.
  5. Use of resources to promote scientific collaborations and cutting-edge research with partners at TUM, in Germany and internationally