Open for registration: EMBO Course Quantitative Proteomics

Dr. Christina Ludwig, together with Dr. Jeroen Krijgsveld and Dr. Mikhail Savitski, is organizing the EMBO Practical course:

Quantitative Proteomics: Strategies and Tools to Probe Biology

This course will provide both theoretical and practical training in the use of quantitative proteomics approaches.  Participants will learn the principles of current methodologies including label-free, SILAC and TMT as well as targeted proteomics, and they will be trained in the use of bioinformatic tools for data analysis.

This course is aimed at researchers who know the basics of proteomics and who want to get a deeper understanding of quantitative methodologies, and at those who are familiar with wet-lab proteomic experimentation but want to gain experience in bioinformatic data interpretation. To enter the course a basic understanding of mass spectrometry-based proteomics is beneficial.

More information and course registration - here