Goals and Strategy

1. To provide access to state-of-the-art LC-MS equipment and know-how in proteomics and metabolomics in life science research (plant · biotech · food/nutrition · medicine

> Primary engagement in collaborative, grant-funded projects as a scientific partner and top-technology provider

2. To advance the development of new LC-MS based technologies and applications in life sciences

> Collaboration with leading MS and IT vendors and performance of own research to sustain innovative power

3. To provide scientific and technical consulting to scientists planning to conduct proteomic and metabolomic research

> Engagement in all phases of a project to design most promising experiments and to align experimentator's expectations with what the technology can deliver

4. To run teaching activities for a cutting-edge education and promotion of young scientists

> Seminar series, workshops and summer schools designed to educate the next generation of MSc students, PhDs, and postdocs scientists in MS-based proteomics, metabolomics and associated bioinformatics