TUM Electron Microscopy Facility


The TUM Electron Microscopy Facility is a Core Facility that provides access to the Electron Microscopy (EM) instrumentation. The Core Facility currently operates two cryo transmission electron microscopes of the 300 kV class, one of the 200 kV class and one of the 120 kV class, each with liquid nitrogen sample cooling, as well as a scanning electron microscope from the Bio-Soft Matter, Hard Matter, Battery Research and Material Research competence area. The facility will be expanded with electron imaging instrumentation dedicated to hard matter, battery research and materials research 

The TUM Electron Microscopy Facility pursues the following objectives:

1. Ensuring modern technical EM equipment at TUM in order to meet complex scientific challenges with EM data of the highest quality.

2. Support tenure track professorships and young scientists by providing easy access to the TUM EM infrastructure.

3. Ensure knowledge transfer, operation and access to the EM infrastructure for users from a wide range of disciplines by the Core Facility staff in order to effectively provide modern imaging methods and technical innovations to a wide range of users.

4. Provide resources to promote scientific collaborations and cutting-edge research with partners at TUM, in Germany, and internationally.

5. Close connection to the TUM Data Science infrastructure (TUM Data Science Institute, TUM Data Storage Service at the LRZ) for central data storage and computing capacities and data management structures across faculties and locations.