Visiting scientist


In collaboration with Prof. Liesbet Temmerman at KU Leuven, BaybioMS is a part of the EPIC-XS project "targeted neuropeptidomics in Caenorhabditis elegans". This project will utilize the targeted proteomics approach to investigate endogenous neuropeptides, aiming to understand their physiological functions and influences toward behavioral traits. Dr. Sven Van Bael from Leuven has spent two weeks at BayBioMS to learn important proteomics sample processing techniques.

We hope a great success of the project in the next years.


Project title: Phosphorylation landscapes in highly divergent yeasts and yeasts with TOR kinase single nucleotide polymorphisms derived from cancer genomes

Dr. Sylvester Holt is from the research group of Gianni Liti (Université côte d’Azur). In this collaboration, we plan to use this established yeast resource (Peter et al. Nature 2018) to investigate the mechanisms of drug resistance, specifically for mTOR inhibitors, and to compare those mechanisms between different yeast isolates. To achieve this goal, we plan to perform a high-throughput phospho-proteomic experiments with some specific yeast strains, which were selected in order to represent genetically maximally diverse yeast clades. Our phospho-proteomic experiments will be performed in cells that have been exposed to short-term treatments with the mTOR inhibitors, torin2, dactolisib, rapamycin and caffeine. Extracted proteins will be digested with trypsin and isobarically labelled with tandem mass tags (TMT). This will allow us to combine 11 samples into one mix. Subsequently, phosphopeptides will be enriched using immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC) and finally measured by LC-MS/MS.